-About Us-

The Denver Lions Early Learning Center (DLELC) provides comprehensive low-cost daycare for children of low-income families in the Sun Valley District of Denver.

Due to the redevelopment of the Sun Valley District by the Denver Housing Authority, an increase of demand for childcare in the community that far exceeds the current capacity is expected. The DLELC board considered a plan to completely remodel the 60-year-old building which proved to be cost prohibitive due to the cost of abatement of asbestos and building code requirements. In addition, the remodel would not increase the Center’s capacity.

A new facility on the current site was studied and approved by the DLELC board. Our vision is to raise the capital to build a state-of-the-art facility in order to accommodate the needs of the Sun Valley District and surrounding areas.

The project will include both the removal of the current building and construction of the new facility. The new facility will accommodate up to 140 children from the Sun Valley community – 100 additional low-income children than the current facility can support.

The DLELC and the Denver Lions Club NEVER want to turn away a family in need and this new facility will help ensure that does not happen.

With your help, we can build a brighter future for children in the Sun Valley neighborhood.